Whatever Happened To Eddie?

085_eddie-and-the-munstersTRACK #85:

Whatever Happened To Eddie

by Eddie and The Monsters

Bob Mosher wasn’t the only one to throw some lyrics over Jack Marshall’s iconic theme.

In 1983, Butch Patrick, struggling to find his place as a child star in a Munster-less world, created the new wave band Eddie and The Monsters, and released this track featuring that recognizable theme to which he used to swing a giant bat.

The song finds Patrick, with his tongue planted somewhere around his cheek I suppose, poking fun at his flailing career and famous turn as TV’s favorite Wolfboy.

It’s certainly not the greatest track, but it’s kinda fun, with an uptempo enough beat. Definite Shindig material.

It’s also fairly short too. So if you’re finding it difficult to endure, don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon.

However, if that’s the case, I might suggest avoiding TRACK 86. Cause if you think it can’t get any worse that this, you’re wrong.


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