Anything Can Happen On Halloween

090_the-worst-witchTRACK #90:

Anything Can Happen On Halloween by Tim Curry

If you thought you’d only get Tim Curry singing as Dr. Frank-N-Furter here on the Shindig, then boy are you in for a treat.

From the 1986 shot-on-video oddity The Worst Witch comes this ridiculous tune about Halloween itself, sung by Grand Wizard (did they seriously call him a Grand Wizard?) Tim Curry to Mrs. Cackle’s Academy for Witches.

Anything Can Happen On Halloween reassures us that anything can happen on Halloween, like a dog turning into a cat, or a toad appearing in your bass guitar. You know, crazy shit. Demonic shit.

A YouTube viewing of this scene is definitely advised. Here it is if you’re feelin’ lazy.

Crazy gif-blast to follow. They’re good ones too.


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