31 Days of Halloween

Halloweeners rejoice! Your month is upon you.

For the christening of our hallowed month, I thought I’d begin my “31 days of Halloween” movie list.

Numerous bloggers and Internet “news” outlets will surely be posting similar lists, if not in truncated form, with a dozen or so horror movies perfect for the holiday.

Anyone halfway versed in horror can toss anywhere from 5 to 31 suitable genre movies your way in the spirit of the season. Hell, one could conjure completely different lists of movies a few years running and still knock it out of the park each time.

But how many of those lists will be exclusively Halloween movies? Welp, at least 1, cause that’s how The Shindig rolls.

So forget about Freddy and Friday, pass on Pinhead and leave Leatherface in the lurch. This year, celebrate the eve of all Hallo’s with 31 tailor-made titles.

Like the playlist, the order here is by no means rankly or definitive. You could sock any one of these titles closer to, or further away from Halloween as you’d like. I’ve place them in terms of personal preference during the month and generally halloweeniness, simply for orderings sake.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure how many gifs and songs I’ll be able to post this month, a disappointing sensation for a Halloween themed blog, I know, but this movie list is my consolation, as fashioning simple text posts once a day is something I can probably manage.

So keep an eye on The Shindig for suggestions on filling your October movie nights with maximum Halloweeniness.

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