Angel of Death

TRACK #128:

Angel of Death by Slayer

Speaking of people trapped in buildings while 80’s metal shreds behind them, let’s keep the ball rolling a make an official block out of the subject with a less overt selection from Slayer.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch is one of those rare sequels that I believe is actually better than it’s predecessor. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gremlins. The party monster originator is a bonfire classic but it’s sequel is funnier, more inventive and with its tounge firmly in cheek, delivers a clever satire of 80’s excess while moving it’s silly green menaces into more appropriate territory.

“Problems? You got a guy in there in a Dracula costume broadcasting stuff of little green monsters!”

This may be an unpopular opinion, I don’t know. Not sure which way the wind’s blowing on the Gremlins franchise, but I’m standing behind it. I’ll hear an argument that maybe it’s not better, but I definitely enjoy it more.

You have all types of crazy ass hybrid Gremlins, including one that talks, (featuring fantastic voiceover work of Tony Randel), a horror host, a smokin’ ass 80’s redhead, a hilarious automated system, Christopher Lee as a mad scientist, Robert Picardo as a sleazebag, John Glover’s inspired turn as Mr. Clamp, Long Duk Dong (where is my automobile?) Dick Miller losing his shit, Leonard Maltin being terrorized, Hulk Hogan screaming at the Gremsters and a Busby Berkly style dance number featuring a shitload of little green monsters. What more could you ask for?

“People want cold sodas! Hot popcorn! And no monsters in the projection booth!”

Well, how bout some fucking Slayer?

You got it punk.

In a awesome sequence when one Gremlin decides to drink some arachnid science juice, Angel of Death blast on just to let you know shit got real.

The Shindig hopes you have enjoyed our programming, but more importantly, we hope you have enjoyed…life.



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