Super Soundtracks: Trick Or Treat (1986)

The one that started it all. This is a Super Soundtrack The Shindig has bumped for years. Upon a recent listening, we thought “Hey, we should post this. Maybe everyone that likes Trick or Treat will dig this deluxe version.” Don’t ask and you still might receive, I guess.

Trick or Treat is a special movie with a pretty special soundtrack. Not only is it a Halloween movie with a Referentially-Inclusive-Halloween-Title-Track, but it has an entire album’s worth of tunes for an almost out-of-the-box Super Soundtrack. This makes it a great choice to kick off our Super Soundtracks feature.

What’s also fun is how expository these songs are. Without being a musical or even a rock opera, this soundtrack describes almost exactly what’s happening on screen while it’s happening.

Eddie’s getting mad and ripping all his posters off the wall? “Tear Down the walls! Tearing ‘em down!” 

Eddie’s feeling so beaten down he just wants to give it all up? “Don’t stop the fight! Don’t die now!”

Eddie’s finally getting a little revenge? “Get tough! This boy’s had enough!”

It’s just so awesomely explicit.

Some of these songs though, provided by 80’s butt-rocker’s Fastway, barely get enough screen time. One song, Hold On to the Night (a personal favorite) only appears in the film backwards. For shame!

So we chopped, diced, sliced and spruced this Super Soundtrack to feature the entire album rearranged linearly with a ton movie clips, plus an extra special addition that doesn’t appear on the original release!

It’s the closet thing to watching Trick or Treat without actually watching Trick or Treat, which you should also do this October.

Provided here is a quick link to download a zip version of the Trick Or Treat Super Sound Track!

And below is an audio player for your streaming pleasure.

Happy Halloween!


Super Soundtracks!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we here at Halloween Shindig dig music. Specifically, horror themed Halloween and movie music.

Naturally then, a lot of songs found on The Shindig are from soundtracks, of which we are big fans.

However, sometimes a song or two just isn’t enough. Sometimes a soundtrack is so awesome it deserves a little extra attention.

Enter: Halloween Shindig’s Super Soundtracks, where we give an entire album a deluxe wash and wax then buff it to perfection.

What does that mean exactly? Well,..

Typically you’ll find we’ve taken the tracks and placed them in their chronological order from the film, spliced in samples and bits from the movie itself and added any auxiliary songs from the film that are not featured on the official soundtrack (if there is one.)

Thus, The Shindig provides you with a completely immersive soundtrack experience the likes of which you have never heard!

Stay tuned for more Super Soundtracks throughout the year and enjoy!