Download The Shindig?

Do you love Halloween Shindig so much that you aren’t content to simply cherry-pick tracks, you need to shove your claw into the whole damn candy dish?

Well, you’d be a greedy little fucker but we’ll oblige. I mean, it’s only Halloween.

These 2 zip files contain all 130 tracks (65 a piece, as of Halloween 2015) plus an iTunes playlist file, delivering it straight to your iTunes the way it’s meant to be heard. Just click the links below.


Simply unzip the folders then select “add to library” from the iTunes FILE menu.

Navigate to your Halloween Shindig 2015 folders and select open.

Once all the tracks have uploaded into your library, choose “import playlist” from the same FILE menu and navigate to the playlist file (.m3u8) and select.

Then you’ll be shindiggin’ all night long. Well, at least for 7 hours 42 minutes and 53 seconds, but that’s a pretty sizable amount of partying.

But check back next year, cause the candy dish will undoubtedly be a little bit deeper.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Dig It!

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