Hallows Eve

TRACK #129:

Hallows Eve by Hallows Eve

Let’s just 80’s metal it right into Halloween. Whaddya say, Weeners?

Much like Track 110 (Halloween by Halloween) here’s another titular band-anthem from a different band named after our haunted holiday.

That fact that 2 bands like that exist is a little bizarre. What’s next, Samhain by Samhain?

Oh wait.

Well it’s not the next song, does that count? But yeah, that exists too and is represented on The Shindig. Maybe we should make room for another category “bands just named after this fucking holiday.”

You only get this type of shit with Halloween. Don’t see too many bands running around named “Christmas” or “Yom Kippur” (both of which actually exist, for those of you playing at home.)

But I digress.

Atlanta-based thrash-metal pioneers Hallows Eve even have a similar tale to the aforementioned Halloween. Releasing some hard hitting early albums but never really gaining much notoriety, they dismantled due to heavy lineup changes only to reemerged after years of inactivity.

I became familiar with them (perhaps like many horror fans) through the inclusion of their song D.I.E. on the Black Roses soundtrack. Thankfully these guys produced a Band-Anthem and sealed their Shindig fate.

Can we take a moment here to talk about this album cover for a sec? Look at that fucking thing. It’s incredible. It looks like you just started a metal band with those 2 burnouts from Mr. Finn’s Chemistry class then asked that hesher kid with the peach fuzz mustache to draw you this shit in a notebook at lunch. And then he turned around handed you the coolest fucking drawing you’d ever seen in your life.

“Hallows Eve bro. Look at that shit.”


In an apparently unrelated aside, I’ll say that Brits don’t care much for Halloween. It’s not really a big deal over there – don’t really give shit, don’t see the fuss.

However, they due refer to it as “All Hallo’s.” So what better samples to integrate than these from Hammer’s Horror swan song To the Devil a Daughter.

Since it takes place around All Hallo’s, we get some nice satany Hallows Eve banter.

Coming off their debut album Tales of Terror, here’s Hallows Eve with Hallows Eve.

And just remember, 98% of so-called Satanists are nothing but pathetic freaks who get their kicks out of dancing naked in freezing church yards and use The Devil as an excuse for getting some sex.

…but there is that other 2%.


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