Oct. 11th: Satan’s Little Helper (2005)

satans-littler-helper-2005This weird little straight-to-DVD movie is surprisingly enjoyable, if you like that sort of budget-less tongue and cheek business.

I know what you’re thinking, cause it’s the same thing I thought when I ran across this one on Netflix Instant a few years back: look at this fucking thing. How can this be good?

And it’s not. Well, it’s not good, by standard definitions, but its pretty fun none-the-less. And granted, not everyone is gonna have the same enjoyable reaction I did, but despite it’s trappings, it’s actually pretty funny with a novel and halloweeny-ass concept.

Young Dougie loves his video game Satan’s Little Helper, so naturally, when he sees a masked man setting up “fake” bodies on the front lawn for Halloween, he believes the man is Satan and promptly begins assisting him in his Halloween preparations.

So Dougie and Satan run around on Halloween engaged in all manner of havoc. Ya know, murder, attempted rape, ambushes. Halloweeniness.

It’s filled to the brim with black humor and Halloween goodness and makes for great October viewing. Get on this one Weeners, it’s widely under-viewed.

What's Your Pleasure, Sir?

Dig It!

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