Oct. 12th: Trick Or Treat (1986)

trick-or-treat-1986One of my favorite holiday treats is this Rock-N-Roll-Horror installment from 1986.

I’ve watched it as part of a Halloween night triple feature, but typically I prefer to reserve this one for earlier in the month, as it lacks the overtly Halloween sensation the night really deserves.

But your October deserves Trick Or Treat. Your life deserves Trick Or Treat. So this year, treat yourself to this little 80’s Halloween trick.

Metal-head dork Eddie Weinbauer loves butt rocker Sammi Curr. See, Sammi’s a home-town hero, and the ritualistically tormented Eddie identifies with Sammi and aspires to rise above the bullying to rock greatness. In fact, Eddies loves Sammi so much he writes him a detailed letter expressing such sentiments.

Unfortunately, Sammi burns himself to death in a satanic hotel ritual before Eddie can mail it. Damn, better rip down all your metal posters and loose your mind.

Thankfully for Eddie (and us) his DJ pal Nuke (KISS’s Gene Simmons) over at the local radio station has an unreleased and unheard studio pressing of Sammi’s last album. Nuke hooks it up.

The album has unforeseen powers though, and when played backwards, Sammi reaches out from beyond the grave to aid Eddie in a game of revenge against his tormentors.

All is well and Eddie is riding high on the thrill of rock and roll vengeance. Until, that is, Sammi’s game becomes too real for Eddie’s pussy sensibilities. So Sammi travels back, through the record and out of the speakers, to take matters into his own hands.

Great music, great 80’s-ness, great flaming pumpkins and a great Halloween dance, where Sammi starts bursting costumed teens with his electricity spewing guitar. How can you miss with this Halloween treat?

Wake up, sleepy heads. It’s party time.

What's Your Pleasure, Sir?

Dig It!

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