Oct. 18th: Once Bitten (1985)


Well it just wouldn’t be a true Shindig countdown with only one lonely 80’s monster comedy, so stacking the Halloween deck for us is the 1985 Jim Carrey vampire flick Once Bitten.

Jim plays high school virgin Mark Kendall, who just can’t seem to convince his girlfriend Robin to put out. So he and a couple buddies hit Hollywood in the great America pursuit of some first-time trim.

Unfortunately he finds The Countess, a seductive MILF with cougarish designs. How is this unfortunate? Well, she’s a vampire, and a vampire that needs virginal blood each year to maintain those timeless good looks no less. As an added caveat, she must drink of this virgin a total of 3 times before Halloween or her beauty will fade away.

So, after what he believes is a one-night-stand, Mark is sucked into a slow decent toward vampirism; wearing shades, dressing cooler, eating raw steaks and losing his reflection. Can Robin discover the cause of Mark’s strange behavior and win him away from the clutches of the evil countess, or is Mark doomed to join her cadre of immortal suitors?

It’s a great 80’s comedy with an early and wonderful performance from Jim Carrey that’s filled with countless hallmarks of his later characters and style. Some fun supporting characters and another humorous turn from Blazing Saddles’ Clevon Little make the movie all that more enjoyable.

And then, of course, there’s the extensive and memorable Halloween Party Dance-Off, where Hand’s Off by Maria Vidal (a playlist inclusion at #45) plays while Jim dances between sultry vamp Lauren Hutton and girl next door Karen Kopins.

October is as fine a time as any to treat yourself to this 80’s monster comedy with the Halloween Shindig Halloween seal of approval.

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