Oct. 19th: The WNUF Halloween Special (2014)


Tailor made for presentation at a Halloween party with music, chatter and maybe nobody really paying attention to the flickering images on your TV screen, The WNUF Halloween Special is a mock time-capsule of 80’s Halloween nostalgia that’ll have your guest asking “Where did you dig up that old fossil?”

Truth is, you didn’t. It came out 2 years ago, but you’d swear it was quite literally taped on Halloween night in 1987, so effectively is that aesthetic recreated. This is particularly true if no one is really listening to the “acting” taking place between its wonderfully crafted commercial interludes.

Essentially a riff on 1992’s proto-paranormal investigation horror Ghostwatch (and The Tales from the Crypt episode “Television Terror”) The WNUF Halloween Special is a unique “found footage” flick that posits itself as a taped airing of the “real” 1987 WNUF Halloween night broadcast featuring a special news investigation of an actual haunted house…with spooky results. So spooky it never aired again. Thus making the “tape” a sort of rare, taboo relic.

It’s ludicrous, and it doesn’t hold up as an actual horror movie whatsoever, but its meticulous attention to the period details of VHS era television is so fun and spot on that it makes the “serious” parts much easier to digest.

Thankfully though, WNUF mostly plays toward the humorous side of the field and is much better for it. Plus, it’s jammed packed with small moments of Halloween goodness, so it’s hard to resist. Just don’t pay too close attention and you’ll be fine.

I’ll give it a broken plastic Wolfman mask and a Mini Snickers.

Designation: Treat!

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