Oct. 20th: Trick Or Treats (1982)


I can scarcely recall a tag-line more perfectly selected for any movie than the one that accompanies 1982’s Trick Or Treats : “When Halloween night stopped being fun.” Boy, I’ll say.

The Internet plot description for our next installment reads as such:

“A baby sitter is stuck watching over a young brat on Halloween night who keeps playing vicious pranks on her. To add to her trouble the boy’s deranged father has escaped from an asylum and is planning on making a visit.”

If that just sounds to you like a shitty Halloween knock-off, then you’re right, cause it does sound like that. However I’m not sure if these filmmakers had ever seen Halloween, cause outside of that description, the film bares almost no resemblance to John Carpenter’s classic.

Hell, I’m not even sure it was trying to. I’m not sure what it was trying to do. It’s just bizarre. Is it a spoof? Is this a horror movie? A comedy? Who the hell knows. I do know this though, it’s Halloweeny, and for our purposes, that’s all that matters.

Now, this isn’t to say it’s not without it’s charm, or endearing moments, but those are definitely few and far between.

It may not be the worst film on this list, but those others (Jack-O and Hollow Gate come to mind) are still enjoyable to sit through. Trick or Treats is just kind of a mess that’s hard to watch. While it may be put together more professionally than some of the selections thus far (and certainly to come) I’m not sure it adds up to more fun. But hey, given the poster, no one should be expecting that from Trick or Treats.

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