Oct. 2nd: Idle Hands (1999)


Jumping in a different direction for night number 2 comes this late 90’s horror-comedy which got (unjustly, I feel) slammed by critics upon it’s initial release.

The story, if you’re unfamiliar, involves a young stoner named Anton, whom’s “idle hands” do the Devil’s work when one hand becomes possessed right before Halloween.

Tragedy ensues when Anton’s hand kills his parents and best pals. So naturally, much like its clear inspiration Evil Dead 2, he lops it off.
Problem solved, right? Naw.

This only makes matters worse, as the marauding hand goes on a rampage all over town leading up to a pretty kick-ass high school Halloween party that could only take place in the fictional confines of Hollywood.

Some great make-up effects, fun supporting characters, and a wonderful physical performance from Devon Sawa make this horror comedy a highly enjoyable watch. With the added touch of ambiance and Halloween, it’s a sure-fire October bet.

So take a few rips tonight and join Anton, his zombie buddies and a disembodied hand for some Halloween havoc.

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