Oct. 3rd: Spaced Invaders (1990)


Skewing away from the Horror a bit for night #3 we have the decidedly childish but exceedingly Halloweeny Spaced Invaders.

An inept group of Martians intercept a radio transmission from Earth and believe an invasion is underway. Not wishing to miss out on the spoils, they land in Illinois and eagerly attempt to meet up with their comrades. They are, of course, mistaken.

Not only does this silly film take place entirely on Halloween (leading everyone to assume these Martians are simply children in really kick-ass costumes) but the radio transmission they receive is merely a Halloween broadcast of Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds. Now that’s just damned Halloweeny.

While not the ideal pick for All Hallo’s itself, there’s more Halloweeniness on display here than most horror movies taking place on the same night. Some funny gags, some great voice-over acting and some great animatronic work and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a light, non-horror October evening. So why not the 3rd?

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