Oct. 5th: Rockula (1990)


Ok, so I passed out after getting home from work and almost blew my streak only 4 days in. Thanks to the wonder of 80’s Monster Comedies however, we have our 5th day entry, and our Halloween festival marches on with Rockula.

I’ve talked about Rockula and my love for it on the playlist before, and I certainly will again, and here Ralph is providing more than just Halloween music, but a film that’s plot hinges on the Holiday. Sounds like an October winner to me.

It’s late, and in a pinch I’ll do cheesiest thing ever and quote myself:

“Ralph (played by Dean Cameron, aka Summer School’s Chainsaw) is a typically 80’s “friendly” vampire. Ralph’s got a problem though. See, 400 years ago Ralph failed to save his beloved Mona from a ham bone wielding pirate who murdered her on Halloween. After which, a terrible curse befell Ralph. He must relive this trauma ever 22 years, as Mona is reincarnated and Ralph is given another chance to prevent this tragedy. A chance which he always seems to squander.

However, in the late 80’s, Mona is resurrected as a musician, so Ralph becomes Rockula to win her heart. And maybe keep a close eye on her to finally prevent that Halloween/ham bone/pirate murder.”

It’s pure 80’s cheese that features another charming turn from Dean Cameron. It may not be overflowing with Halloweeniness, but there’s enough here to satisfy an early October night.

What's Your Pleasure, Sir?

Dig It!

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