Revenge of the Halloween Sequels!

Horror is certainly a genre known for its rampant sequelization. Even the franchises that never got a chance to stretch their legs into the 4’s, 5’s and beyond typical got at least 1 ill-advised sequel.

This year I started noticing a slight trend. For some reason that second installment had a bizarre tendency to cram Halloween into the mix. 

Why? Is it more horror-y? Is it just more fun? Is it a lazy solution to the problem of developing the story? Whatever the reason, the Shindig certainly isn’t complaining.
This 2016 iteration of the countdown features 8 second installments, only 3 of which are sequels to already established Halloween films. If you count C.H.U.D 2 (featured on the original 2013 lineup) that’s 6 horrors sequels that just up decided to shove Halloween onto the menu. That’s pretty awesome. 

There’s probably even more too, who knows? But 8 is good enough for us, and definitely enough to declare this list The Revenge of the Halloween Sequels!


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