State of The Shindig Address

Well Weeners, it’s been about a year now since The Shindig’s first posts, so lets take a look at some stats:

  • 80 tracks into the playlists. Slacking a little here, in my opinion.
  • 592 followers. Not too shabby, though it was 596 the other day.
  • 382 posts. Pretty good. That’s an average of 1.05 a day.
  • 180 original gifs posted. That’s a rough number though, since the hard-drive died, it was tricky just getting that number.
  • 23,706 notes! That’s the most for a single Shindig post. And it’s reigning camp Sir Crypts-A-Lot. People still givin’ that gif love.

Hopefully some of you have enjoyed my ramblings, had a few laughs, reblogged some gifs to spruce up your page, maybe discovered a couple new haunted hits to work into your Halloween rotation and learned something along the way.

I know the posting’s fell off a bit as of late, but as previously stated, we’re not even halfway through this playlist yet, so you can expect more Shindiggery to come.

And remember…there’s only 330 days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. 330 days till Halloween…Silver Shamrock!

Keep followin’ and rebloggin’ Weeners and I’ll keep posting.

– HS

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