The Mummy’s Bracelet

062_horror-hopTRACK #51:

The Mummy’s Bracelet by Lee Ross

Here’s a bizarre Shindig entry from singer Lee Ross.

Never heard of him? Well, don’t let it bum you out, cause neither has the Internet apparently. Digging up information on Lee seems to lead to a lot of cold trails.

What we can be sure of however is that Lee definitely performed this catchy little number about the Mummy. Which Mummy, I’m not exactly sure, as Lee’s story doesn’t seem to match up to any Mummy film that I can cross reference.

This matters little however, because Mummy songs aren’t exactly falling out of novelty-rock’s pockets. In a genre choked with Vampires, Ghosts and Frankensteins, a song about a Mummy is a breath of fresh air.

So lets sit back and enjoy this strange little ditty about the Mummy, and his bracelet.