Oct. 25th: Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)


Long-time followers are sure to know of my love of Jim Varney, Ernest P. Worrell and this movie.

One of my favorite Halloween movies of all-time, Ernest Scared Stupid has definitely made its way into a Halloween night triple feature on more than one occasion. Sometimes though it just gets an October viewing. Either way, it’s a prime selection and an October must.

Unfortunately, Ernest mania (was that ever even a thing?) was waning by ‘91, and the movie didn’t fair too well at the box office, or with critics. It was the last Ernest outing to be released by Touchstone Pictures and Ernest was not long for the theatrical world, finding his subsequent, independently produced and inferior efforts heading for the video market.

Which is a shame, because this is honestly my favorite, and while I’m not sure it’s “better” than Ernest Goes to Camp, I think it’s the most enjoyable, and superior to both Saves Christmas and Goes To Jail, but that’s just me. I’m a die-hard Halloweener.

This is family Halloween fair at its best with Ernest ineptly battling a gaggle of awesome Chidio-made trolls. It’s fun, funny and above all chock full of Halloweeniness. So how ‘bout a bumper sandwich, booger lips!?


Look At All the Trolls I Give!


Look at all the trolls I give!


Ernest Scared Stupid (Theme)

050_ernest-scared-stupidTRACK #50:

Ernest Scared Stupid (theme) by Bruce Arntson & Kirby Shelstad

If there’s one thing I liked as much as Halloween growing up, it was Ernest. So naturally, Ernest Scared Stupid is by far my favorite of comedic genius an all-around swell guy Jim Varney’s extended career as Ernest P. Worrell.

The theme from Ernest Scared Stupid, along with it’s awesome opening credit sequence, set the tone for this wonderful holiday treat.

Complete with kick-ass trolls courtesy of The Chiodo Brothers (see: Killer Klowns From Outer Space) Ernest Scared Stupid should be watched at least every Halloween by everyone who isn’t dreadfully repulsed by the character of Ernest.

And even then, you should watch it anyway, and be ashamed of yourself for hating Ernest.