Love Is A Lie

052_friday-4TRACK #52:

Love Is A Lie by Lion

We’ve already gotten a sampling of Freddy Krueger’s sonically iconic offerings, but surely his contemporary and adversary Jason Voorhees has a thing or two to say on the matter awesome 80’s soundtracks, no?

Yes. Yes he does.

From 1984’s prematurely subtitled The Final Chapter (a title made all the more ridiculous considering there are fewer Friday the 13ths proceeding it than following it), comes this tune from LA butt-rockers Lion.

This is the song to which Crispin Glover (aka George McFly, or Jimbo here) famously does his strange and erratic gyrations.

I’ve heard from unconfirmed sources (read: my buddy Matt Mastrella, AC/DC fan and possible rumorist) that during filming, the actual song playing was Back In Black, which they could not ultimately use for failure to secure the rights. If that’s true, it would certainly go a long way to explaining Jimbo’s arrhythmic seizing.

However, Crispin Glover is a pretty bizarre bastard himself and maybe that’s all the explanation needed. Click here for some support for this assertion.

Led in with the archetypal campfire tale of Jason, originally featured in Part 2 and rehashed in pieces during the pre-title sequence from Part 4. It’s a favorite moment of mine from the series, and goes great with the song, if a tad lengthy.

I think it’s worth the wait though, and makes for a spooky interlude where your partiers can and kick back and take in a little histrionic Voorhees history before Lion commence to rock.