Teenage Frankenstein

TRACK #208:

Teenage Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

He may just be using the whole Frankenstein motif as a metaphor for teenage alienation, but Alice Cooper crams enough monster imagery in this cut to make that mostly irrelevant.

Add to that the songs inclusion within Jason Lives and you’ve got a double-decker monster song sandwich of Shindigging proportions.

Particularly considering the scene, which is one of the more badass moments from Friday 6.

Jason has stowed away on an RV and proceeds to cause a straight up ruckus, imprinting Nikki’s face through a wall and stabbing Cort in the neck. He then allows the motor home to completely upend itself before blasting out of the top in straight Boss Voorhees fashion.

All of this of course is set to Cooper’s Teenage Frankenstein, where Cort emphatically cranks the volume on the fiddle and shouts like an idiot while his motor-Rome burns all to hell.

Here’s Alice Cooper, reinforcing his All-Star status with Teenage Frankenstein.