This Is The Night (Trick Or Treat)

021_garfieldTRACK #21:

This Is The Night (Trick or Treat) by Lou Rawls

I don’t know bout y’all, but when I was a kid, only one thing meant Halloween and that was Garfield’s Halloween special.

6 years before the Simpsons would forever lace itself in my brain to this eve of the dead, Garfield was digging through costumes in John’s attic, trick or treating with Odie, and getting lost in a row boat.

The most memorable aspect of Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, other than those goddamn ghost pirates scaring the living shit out of me, was the music.

The first cut from this classic holiday cartoon is the opening number by Lou Rawls, lead in by our old pal Binky The Clown. Enjoy.



Strange Holiday (radio bumper)


Strange Holiday (radio bumper)

Here’s the first of many bumpers found on Halloween Shindig. Being the first, this one is comprised largely of clips about Halloween itself, setting the mood and leading into our third track.

Clips include:


The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Halloween (1978)

Trick R Treat

and Trick or Treat

and a couple random Halloween Safety Videos.