Sculptor, precison striker, mask-smith and full time Halloweener Mikey Rotella is bringing the Halloween Mask out of the Woolworth’s and into the Gallery at Lethal Amounts.


Original Don Posts, Top Stone, Distoritions Unlimited and Be Something Studios masks. Most older than you!


A whole plastic pumpkin’s worth of brand new, modern masks from famous mask makers like Jordu Schell, Norman Cabrera, Pete Infelise, Graham Schofield, Wayne Anderson and more. All up for sale!


At the horrifying mask-related 2D art!


At a special Halloween montage!



To musical accompaniment from the Halloween Shindig vault brought to you live by DJ Easy C!

It’s a Halloween Extravaganza of festive proportions for the ages!

It all starts Saturday Night

October 15th @ Lethal Amounts in L.A.

Come get your latex fix this October!


Check out the Official Lethal Amounts page.


Check in at the Art of the Halloween Mask Event Page!


Monster Makers: Graham C. Schofield


Monster Makers: Graham C. Schofield

Professional Make-up artist, mold-maker, teacher, sculptor, painter, voice-over actor, impressionist, part time science-scientist and full time weirdo, Graham C. Schofield is one bizarre dude.

From Man-Thing to life-casting, from materials to methods, from ghost removal to the canopies of Old India and from The Twilight Zone to The Twilight Zone, Graham’s a guy who can drop some serious knowledge bombs on the Hiroshima in your head. Don’t let em do this. At least not without a little preparation.

Graham also happens to be a really good friend of mine, a Halloweener for life and a huge fan of The Shindig. +3 to relevance.

What’s more? All you gorehounds can catch a glimpse of this madman in action as a cast member of the newest season of Face/Off.

Tune in each week to see the strange creations of Graham and company Tuesdays @ 9/8c on the Syfy Channel.

If your gratification is a bit more immediate, you can head down to the International Make-Up Artists Trade Show  in Los Angeles today, where Graham and fellow Make-Up artist and Face/Offer Corinne Foster will be demonstrating a silicone prosthetic application on none other than my girlfriend Rachel.

You can check out more of Graham’s work @ or hear the sound of his ridiculous voice @

But, let’s be honest. All I really care about is this; What’s his favorite Shindigger? Well, while it’s hard to speak for a man like Graham, I can say with confidence he’d probably select Track 3: Halloween by King Diamond. Though I’m sure Whodini’s Haunted House of Rock might take a close second.

Be sure to check out this season of Face/Off for some bold and extreme nonsense from Mr. Graham.

Now, as my lawyer he advises you to take 2 hits from the little brown jar in his bag. Not too much though. Just a taste.