The Maniac Cop Rap

069_maniac-cop-2TRACK #69

Maniac Cop Rap by Yeshwua Barnes & B Dub Woods

As longtime followers are probably (painfully) aware, Monster Raps are load bearing supports in the Halloween Shindig rotation.

And when it comes to Monster Raps, few come as tailor-made awesome as Yeshwua Barnes and B Dub Woods’ Maniac Cop Rap.

Check the stats:

Does it take the movie’s score and mix into an awesome beat? Check.
Does it play during the end credits? Check.
Does it feature the title repeated ad nauseum? Check
Does it talk about how badass the main character is? Check
Does it feature the most ridiculous lyrics you can image? Check plus.

Here’s some choice selection from the track…

Set ‘em on fire, I shoot ‘em with a Uzi
But he’ll show up in you’re jacuzzi!”


And don’t waste time dialin’ 9-1-1
Forget karate and forget yer gun!


You won’t get a ticket or pay a fine
You might as well be dealin’ with Frankenstein!

Fair Enough.

Without any further adieu, segueing out of our 80’s Oddball Sequel Dance Party, from a sequel that’s better than the original, 1990’s Maniac Cop 2, here’s the Manaic Cop Rap.