Episode 6: Shindig Showdown!

Shindig Radio is back in 2019!

Matt “The Perfect Meatball” Mastrella returns to cut the ribbon on the inaugural round of Shindig Showdown, Shindig Radio’s new audio-based Horror Trivia Game!

He squares off against Mikey “The Northridge Ripper” Rotella and Graham “The Shaman” Schofield in an all out sample-assault disguised as a game show!

Who will win and will you have the audio endurance to find out?

30 questions. 3 contestants. 1 winner.

Test yourself as Shindig Radio tests them and the its audience’s patience on…

Shindig Showdown!



Episode 1: Don’t You Know What Happens On Halloween Shindig?

It’s the inaugural Episode of Shindig Radio, Halloween Shindig’s official Podcast.

Ed and his guests Graham C. Schofield and Mikey Rotella are supposed to be discussing the Halloween Franchise in preparation for 2018’s new Halloween release, but talk more about sandwich construction, Kill Squad, Bobby Rhodes.

Oh well, that’s bound to happen when 3 excitable horror idiots get to talking.

But hey, cut ’em some slack, this is technically their first attempt!


Sculptor, precison striker, mask-smith and full time Halloweener Mikey Rotella is bringing the Halloween Mask out of the Woolworth’s and into the Gallery at Lethal Amounts.


Original Don Posts, Top Stone, Distoritions Unlimited and Be Something Studios masks. Most older than you!


A whole plastic pumpkin’s worth of brand new, modern masks from famous mask-makers like Jordu Schell, Norman Cabrera, Pete Infelise, Graham Schofield, Wayne Anderson and more. All up for sale!


At the horrifying mask-related 2D art!


At a special Halloween montage!



To musical accompaniment from the Halloween Shindig vault brought to you live by DJ Easy C!


It’s a Halloween Extravaganza of festive proportions for the ages!

It all starts Saturday Night

October 15th @ Lethal Amounts in L.A.

Come get your latex fix this October!


Check out the Official Lethal Amounts page.


Check in at the Art of the Halloween Mask Event Page!



Feed My Frankenstein

TRACK #58:

Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

Inclusive, though not to any movie relevant to the Shindig (1992’s Wayne’s World) this hit from shock-rocker Alice Cooper needs no introduction to anyone reading this right now, I’ll wager.

One of 2 songs on the Shindig featuring a monster allusion to sexuality, Feed My Frankenstein uses the dubious imagery of Frankenstein to replace the word “cock.”

Why Frankenstein, though? Is it sewn together from several different cocks? Does it just want to be loved, only to meet disdain from all who gaze upon it? Or is it simply that it’s just a monster of a cock?

If that’s the case, why not Mummy? Feed A-MY…..mummy.

Hmm, guess that lacks a little something syllabically.

That probably cancels The Wolfman, too. And the Creature from the Black Lagoon is definitely out.

Hey, Dracula could work! He’s already a monster of a sexual nature. Plus, he’s associated with hunger (or more appropriately, thirst), something I can’t really say for Frankenstein. I guess he’s just not big enough, and I suppose that’s really the underlying, if perhaps juvenile, point.

Recently, for his stage show, Alice Cooper commissioned haunt specialists Distortions Unlimited to create a giant Alice Cooper Frankenstein puppet. Here’s a video of it if you no idea what I’m talking about. He…uh….pops out…at that 3:45 mark, if you just wanna scan to it.

As mentioned previously, this puppet was sculpted by my buddy and horror/music/Shindig enthusiast Mikey Rotella.

Oh, and I almost forgot. This track is led-in with almost unnatural appropriateness by a sample from George Romero’s Day of the Dead. Too perfect for words.Enjoy!