Raining Blood

047_slayer_reign-in-bloodTRACK #47:

Raining Blood by Slayer

Perhaps the only track on the playlist that doesn’t fall into one of my fairly open-ended categories, Raining Blood is an old hold-over from the days when the Shindig wasn’t a dense as it is today.

I’ve always used it as a lead-in to Helen’s Theme (from Candyman) by Phillip Glass, as the rain effect at the end was too perfect.

I’ve never removed it for that very reason, despite the small annoyance it’s always posed me knowing it isn’t about, featured in, or even remotely related to any horror movie or Halloween.

Maybe you could call it a Devilish Track, and perhaps I will, because well, the guy is busting out of purgatory on his way to heaven to “fuck that place up,” as Jeff Hanneman worded it.

Besides, this song fuckin’ owns. How much more justification do you need?

Led in by Father Urbain Grandier’s sentencing from Ken Russell’s 1971 nusto-mastepiece The Devils.