The Warm Side of the Door

Silent-ShirtIt’s Christmas morning! Were you good this year? Well, it doesn’t matter, because Santa is here.

As disturbing as that may sound, here’s some consolation, in the form of another Morgan Ames Christmas tune from Silent Night, Deadly Night, “The Warm Side of the Door.”

This is the only other song which appears in the movie in its entirety. If anyone has this soundtrack, or knows where I might be able to procure it (if indeed it even exists) drop me a line, cause I need some of the other gems from this flick.

There’s always people who love you, to kiss you and hug you, on the warm side of the door. Now, while I have no idea what this actually means, it’s a nice Christmas sentiment (I think) and the montage that accompanies it is one of the nicer moments in Silent Night, Deadly Night.

In a film where Christmas horrors of all kinds abound, this montage offers us a glimpse into Billy’s life away from the nightmare that is Christmas; where he merrily stacks boxes, lifts small children to reach toys, declines booze in favor of milk, and straightens ends caps directly after punching out, to the well deserved nods of his boss.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, this montage wraps up just in time for Christmas, when Billy’s pleasant disposition will soon transform into murderous punishment.

So, before that can happen, take a moment, maybe with a brother, to enjoy the warm side of the door,…before its kicked in by the shiny boot of Santa and an ax is lodged in your chest.

Merry Christmas Tumblr, or the warm side of the door, as I’m now calling it.



Santa’s Watching

Silent-ShirtThe first Silent Night, Deadly Night track I have to offer is Morgan Ames’ “Santa’s Watching,” just in time for your Christmas Eve.

This is an unsettling song which plays throughout, and is even referred to within, the movie. Not unlike a normal Christmas song, “Santa’s Watching” is a festive carol about how Santa is creeping, and watching, and knowing exactly whether you’ve been good or bad. However, in the context of the movie, coupled with it’s slightly off lyrics, this song becomes a holiday nightmare.

Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you’ve been good all year.

Silent Night, Musical Night

This is indeed a Halloween blog. More specifically, its a blog detailing a Halloween playlist of custom songs I’ve created over the last 10 years. However tonight is Christmas Eve, so I believe a brief yuletide interlude is in order.

For the Halloween or monster fiend, there is no shortage of holiday horror offerings to satiate their blood-lust this time of year. Be it Bob Clark’s ground-breaking Black Christmas, Don’t Open Til Christmas, Christmas Evil, or more ridiculous outings like the underrated Jack Frost.

Easily my favorite however is 1984’s notorious Silent Night, Deadly Night, which has recently gone under the not-exactly-a-remake knife in the form of Silent Night. I’ll pass, thank you very much.

Of all the greatness that is this film – childhood trauma, Santa murder, Santa rape, regular rape, strangulation, antler murder, random-ass bow and arrow murder, grunting ax-throwing, topless Linnea Quigley, sledding decapitation, scary grandpas, excessive tiger paintings, Jabba the Hutt toys, plus 2 different Santas being gunned down in front of children by inept police officers – perhaps my favorite aspect is still its unique Christmas music, some of which the film tries to pass off as legitimate holiday fare.

These songs are not, however, traditional, or found anywhere else for that matter. So for Christmas this year, I thought I give Tumblr some of these songs. Merry Christmas internet.