See You In Hell

018_grim-reaper_see-you-in-hell-1984TRACK #18:

See You In Hell by Grim Reaper

Well, we’re almost 20 songs into the Shindig, and we’ve yet to supply any songs in the Devilish category.

What can i say? Its my least favorite category, as I don’t tend to think of the Devil or Hell as particularly Halloweeny. Yeah, the two go hand and hand I suppose, but there’s a shit load of songs talkin’ bout the Devil, and you can’t play ’em all on Halloween.

But, I have a soft spot for this song, and it’s band, Grim Reaper. Plus, I just like hearing it, and Halloween’s as good an excuse as any to get it into a rotation.

Perhaps the most ridiculous song you can imagine, sung by the most ridiculous group of dudes you can imagine, See You In Hell features one of the most repetitious choruses you’re liable to hear.

In fact, the phrase “See You In Hell” appears in the song a total of 38 times in a matter of 4 minutes. That’s an average of  a “See You In Hell” every 6 and a half seconds. That’s pretty incredible. It’s probably a world record.

Ushered in with a little help from a Devilish Ned Flanders and a desperately hungry Homer Simpson, I’ll see you in hell, my friends.



Strange Holiday (radio bumper)


Strange Holiday (radio bumper)

Here’s the first of many bumpers found on Halloween Shindig. Being the first, this one is comprised largely of clips about Halloween itself, setting the mood and leading into our third track.

Clips include:


The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Halloween (1978)

Trick R Treat

and Trick or Treat

and a couple random Halloween Safety Videos.