The Addams Groove

032_addams-groove-hammerTRACK #32:

The Addams Groove by Hammer

You knew it was coming. Perhaps you groaned, but you can’t tell me this track wasn’t telegraphed.

As silly as it is (and believe me, it’s pretty fucking silly,) The Addams Groove actually has a pretty positive message buried underneath it’s ridiculous crust. As Hammer states:

Now is the time to get in your mind

It’s ok to be yourself

Take foolish pride and put it aside

Like the Addamses, yo! They def.


So, bust out your old hammer pants, do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say. Hell, maybe even kick and then slap a friend, for no apparent reason.



The Lurch

031_addams-family_lurchTRACK #31:

The Lurch by Ted Cassidy

Holy shit! Lurch has a song?!

Yeah, that was my reaction too, and whenever I have such a response, into the Shindig it goes.

What’s more, in 1965 this song and it’s accompanying dance were both introduced to the world the day before Halloween on ABC’s variety show entitled “Shindig!” Hows that for synchronicity?

So, lurch along with Ted Cassidy, who probably says more here in 3 minutes than an entire season’s worth of The Addams Family.