Science Fiction/Double Feature

010_rocky-horrorTRACK #10:

Science Fiction/Double Feature by Richard O’Brien & Richard Harley

Back in the day, VH1 used to play Rocky Horror on Halloween Night. This is probably because they really didn’t have anything else, besides maybe Thriller, that would fit the bill.

Before I was old enough to actually comprehend what the hell was going on (if I’m even at that age yet) the strange sounds and imagery flickering wildly on the screen stuck with me. In later years I was able to catch more than just a passing glimpse and fully appreciate The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the many splendored experience it was.

To this day, anytime I watch Rocky Horror it feels exactly like Halloween, and it feels exactly like Halloween should.

Number 10 on the Shindig is that amalgamous, retro wonder Science Fiction/Double Feature, admittedly my favorite song from the film. Its 50’s sci-fi referencing is enough alone for it to make the cut, but with all that Halloween nostalgia on top, there ain’t even a second thought.


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