022_terrorvisionTRACK #22:

TerrorVision by The Fibonaccis

Before Full Moon became synonymous withshitty movie”, Charlie Band had Empire Pictures, which produced a fair amount of good genre offerings like Re-Animator, Ghoulies, From Beyond and Prison, just to name a few.

Among them was TerrorVision, a 1986 film you can easily catch on Netflix these days and won’t be disappointed with,…supposin’ you like that sort of thing.

And that sort of thing is ridiculous (not ridiculously bad, however) horror. With Charlie Band’s name attached, we could be walking into that territory, but TerrorVision manages to be 80’s enough and fun enough to avoid such trappings and deliver a flick that doesn’t take itself at all seriously and has a good time with some silly creature and gore effects.

Plus its got Jon Gries as the punked out boyfriend named O.D., and that’s gotta be worth a viewing.

From TerrorVision comes TerrorVision, the title track performed by the Fibonaccis.


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