Witchfinder General

034_witchfinder-general_death-penaltyTRACK #34:

Witchfinder General by Witchfinder General

Sometimes bands name songs after horror movies. Sometimes bands even name whole albums after horror movies. And sometimes they go full-bore and just name the whole goddamn band after a horror movie.

Such is the case with British doomsmith’s Witchfinder General.

What’s more, they even have a band anthem. That’s a triple threat.

Led in and peppered with samples from the band’s 1968 namesake starring Vincent Price.

If you’ve never heard of the film, perhaps you’re familiar with The Conqueror Worm, as it was billed in America. Huhwhaa?

The unnecessary title change was in an effort to sell the movie as another in the line of Corman/Price/Poe hits, which it most certainly was not.

It is however an interesting (albeit a little slow) abuse of power tale with a pretty creepy and understated performance from Price and lots of great shots of the English countryside. If you’re down with movies like Mark of the Devil, The Blood on Satan’s Claw (considered by Tigon to be it’s successor) or even The Devils, then Witchfinder General might just have exactly what you’re looking for.


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