Evil Dead

038_death_scream-bloody-goreTRACK #38:

Evil Dead by Death

In honor of the trailer that’s mysteriously making everyone forget how mediocre and soulless the last 10+ years in Remakewood have been, I’m bumpin’ up this track from gore-sicians Death.

In a fitting coincidence, this song is titled Evil Dead, rather than The Evil Dead, which could assist in one’s argument that the song isn’t actually about The Evil Dead, but rather just some run-o-the-mill dead of a generically evil nature.

Lyrically, I think it could go either way. While indeed Chuck Schuldiner doesn’t say anything wholly specific to Sam Raimi’s 1981 awesomefest, there’s enough material here to make an argument that it is referential. Lines like “Spirits within causing terror,” “All will die tonight” or even quite simply “Covered in blood,” certainly evoke images of The Evil Dead.

But if you told me Chuck wasn’t referring to the film at all, that wouldn’t surprise me either.

Cut in with tons of clips from The Evil Dead (as I am now forced to specify), here’s the ultimate experience in grueling metal.



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