Rock Until You Drop

039_monster-squadTRACK #39:

Rock Until You Drop by Michael Sembello

If you’re a bunch of kids that have to do battle with a gang of famous monsters and you need to resort to smelting down your mom’s fine silverware, jacking the school’s archery equipment, and belt sanding stakes in shop class, then you could probably use a montage.

That oughta free up valuable screen time to cut some business cards, write a letter to the Army Guys, grab a soda and maybe do a spit take when seeing naked pictures Frankenstein accidentally took of your buddy’s hot sister.

And if you do need a montage, then this song oughta fit the bill just fine; a song which instructs you (with gleeful irresponsibility) to be completely reckless in your rocking.

Among the dangerous activities suggested are “dancing until your feet fall off” and “partying until your brains fall out.” Both of which, I might add, are terrible things to encourage children to do.

Ah, the 80’s, that wonderful place where no one gave a shit about children or their safety.

From 1987’s horror answer to The Goonies, it’s Michael Sembello’s Rock Until You Drop. Go forth weeners and try this at home.


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