057_hellraiser-3TRACK #57:

Hellraiser by Motörhead

In 1993 they decided to take the previously British franchise of Hellraiser across the pond, because Lord knows, America always takes something cool and makes it cooler.

That being said, it’s certainly not the worst Cenobite installment, however it’s hardly the best, as I feel both 2 and 5 are better films. Though I have met some static for my championing of Inferno, which I still feel is one of the more interesting sequels, despite being largely devoid of Cenobites and Pinhead.

Which is the worst? God only knows. They’re up to what, 9 now? I stopped after Hellseeker to be perfectly honest, and from the shots I’ve seen of…whoever the hell that is replacing Doug Bradley, Revelations isn’t providing any….well….revelations.

But enough of my (rather unqualified) opinions of this franchise in its totality. Let’s join Lemmy and Motörhead as they rock out with that secret song at the center of the world.

Pinhead is here,…to turn up the volume.


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