Computer Date

TRACK #196:

Computer Date by Dennis Michael Tenney

Much like Halloween, Dennis Michael Tenney has been on the All-Star roster without proper representation for some time now.

And just like Halloween, we’re gonna make it official for him in 2018.

Of all Dennis’ many contributions to his brother Kevin’s Class of 1988  valedictorian Night of the Demons, Computer Date may be the most curious.

It’s featured prominently, and basically in its entirety, when the gang first arrives and starts partying down at Angela’s Hull House Halloween Hootenanny.

But why this cut? Lord knows. It’s definitely a rocking little tune suitable for the scene and pretty danceable. Evidence to it’s 80’s danceablity  can be seen hereand here.

But it’s a strange sort of song. Kinda feels like something Dennis had laying around with enough of a beat to work with the scene. Not a problem necessarily, but what is this track all about?

What sounds like a pretty standard song about using a computer dating service turns into, I think, a bizarre situation where Dennis is fucking a robot.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong please, cause I’m genuinely unsure what exactly is happening in this song. She talks a little roboticly, about “stereo taping” the fucking and playing it back. And apparently they need a whole reel-to-reel, which to me indicates a fair amount of fucking.

I’m not sure if we’re told who or what she is exactly, but what we do know is that she can take some abuse without blowing a fuse. That sounds like that could be robot talk, but could just be metaphoric too.

The problem for me occurs around the line

“When I asked them what they thought made her so different

From any other girl I’d meet on the street.”

This could be a great indicator as to what’s happening, but for the life of me I can not figure out what the hell Dennis is saying.

I think it’s

” they said believe it or not,

she’ll come with drive and a slot

and that’s a combination never to beat.”

I dunno, kinda sounds like he’s fucking a robot.

Or just a chick that’s ready to go, I guess, and it’s all a double entendre.

I think his “computer” date is the computer. But I have absolutely no idea if that’s what he’s actually saying.

Maybe it’s just me. I dunno. Maybe I’m a pervert and I’m adding all this weird robot sex shit where it isn’t, but I’m not sure.

Whatever the hell is happening, it’s always a pleasure to hear Dennis Michael, and at 3 tracks, that officially add him The Shindig All-Star Team,

Now batting, center fielder Dennis Michael Tenney with Computer Date.


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