On Our Own

TRACK #201:

On Our Own by Bobby Brown

Yeah, I think it’s gonna be another one of those funky ones…

Ghostbusters 2, the definitive statement on Monster Raps, continues its genre dominance here with perhaps its most popular track, Bobby Brown’s On Our Own.

Featured during a montage of the GBs kicking it into gear and revving up for a final showdown with Vigo the Carpathian.

Total side note here, but if you’ve never heard the skinny on Vigo’s painting, definitely check this out.

This track’s especially relevant in that Bobby Brown actually has a cameo. His excitement at seeing the Ghostbusters emerge from ECTO-1a is a great movement in the film. He asks Egon and Ray if he can get a proton pack for his little brother. Naturally, Egon flat out rejects this ludicrous proposal, while Ray halfheartedly agrees.

“I guess he’s right.” Ray responds.

You guess? Really Ray?

Am I to believe that if Egon hadn’t been there, then Ray would have seriously considered giving Bobby fucking Brown a proton pack? For his kid brother, no less?

I’m not sure if Ray should be allowed to handle such dangerous equipment if he doesn’t know well enough not to just hand it over to random citizens, or fucking children. Maybe dickless Peck was right all along.

Bobby Brown gets in on the action all the same, proton pack or not, serving up a Ghostbusters jam to beat all. Yeah, yeah, you know it.

Tryin to battle my boys? That’s not legal!


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