Wait, whoa, I was searching through the The Devils tag, and you GIF'd the Rape of Christ scene and it doesn't appear to be from the awful bootleg?! Where did you find it?

The scenes were GIF’d from a bootleg, though whether it was the awful one, I could not say. It is, fortunately, the only version I’ve had the chance to see. The quality is not exceptional, but it was fine for viewing and ok for the GIFs.

It was purchase by my friend Mikey, he says, from a guy named Chris with Darkside DVD at Monsterpalooza some years back. I’ve seen his booth before, they have a lot of crazy, hard to find stuff.

I looked him up to see if he had a website, but all I could find was a zencart that was under construction at www.darksidedvd.com. I believe he’s on Facebook though, and my buddy’s trying to get his email for ya. I’ll post that once I get it.

I have also seen it while digging through Veehd.com, which if you’ve never been, is an awesome site to stream and download movies. Their collection of hard to find horror stuff is impressive, and I’ve been able to find all kinds of shit that’s either out-of-print or never made it to DVD.

Which version (and the quality of) The Devils that’s there, I’m not sure. There’s one that clocks in at an hour and nine minutes, which sounds like an edited version. There’s a couple others at almost 2, which seems long, so they may have documentaries attached to them. That might be worth checking out, particularly If you’ve never been to that site. I suggest heading there with your wish list and goin’ nuts. It really is an awesome site.

Anyway, hope that helps.


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