R.I.P. David Prior

Today The Shindig, horrordom, 80’s Actiondom and indeed all of moviedom has lost a great contributor in writer/director/producer David Prior.

Beloved by The Shindig specifically for the ridiculously 80’s and ridiculously awesome Aerobicide (aka Killer Workout) and by me personally for additions to my life such as Deadly Prey, Raw Nerve, Mankillers, Jungle Assault, The Final Sanction and the SOV pioneer Sledgehammer, David’s pictures always felt like the product of a pure desire to just make movies and never disappointed.

Regrettably, Aerobicide (and Woman On Fire) are deeper within the playlist than I have yet to reach on this blog, but David’s musical contributions will have their day on The Shindig, rest assure.

David will be missed but his work will live on in the hearts and minds of myself and his fans all over the world.

Though 1 obscure and myopic blog and 1 fan can hardly provide any amount of solace to a grieving family that has no idea they even exist, Halloween Shindig still sends its condolences to David’s brother Ted and the rest of the Prior family. I have truly enjoyed what he has given to the world and the VHS copies of his films that I have are among the most beloved in my collection. I will continue to cherish them for as long as I am able.

Rest in peace David Prior.

A little piece of cinema just stopped exploding.