007_blitzkid_let-flowers-dieTRACK #49:

Candyman by Blitzkid

For fans of the Shindig favorite Blitzkid, it probably seems fitting to have this song come straight in at #49 following Helen’s Theme. I always thought so anyway.

Pretty straight forward Blitzkid offering here, as they detail the plot of the 1992 Tony Todd creep-fest Candyman, a film which still manages to give me the willies at times just thinking about it.

That shit-smeared bathroom reading “Sweets to the Sweet.” That graffiti style Candyman face Virginia Madsen climbs through. Her waking up in a pool of dog-blood next to a severed head having no idea what has happened while a woman screams bloody murder from the other room. Candyman flying backwards through a window. Creepy stuff. Effective.

“I hear you’re looking for Candyman, bitch.”

Well, just turn the lights down low and say it five times…

Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman…..



House Of 1000 Corpses

046_house1000TRACK #46:

House of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie

Well, Lords of Salem was released this past weekend, much to chagrin of critics and the Internet as a whole, it seems. Tumblr especially appears to be awash was some pretty negative reactions.

So, now seemed as good a time as any to drop in this previously unfeatured addition to the Shindig.

Why previously unfeatured? Well, at the risk of posting negative ideas, and alienating some followers, my love for Rob Zombie extends from about White Zombie to well,…White Zombie. Of Rob’s solo and film career, I can not say I am a huge fan.

So why add it at all? Well, its a Title Track and that’s a little hard to just straight-up ignore. Plus, of all his movie this is probably the one I enjoyed the most. And this song is cool enough and certainly Halloweeny enough to enjoy a position on the playlist.

And hell, I like Rob Zombie. He taught me how awesome samples are in metal songs and pointed me toward a lot of really great movies. What I think of his ability to remake them, or steal ideas from them, is neither here nor there.

So go support Lords of Salem. I haven’t yet, but that shouldn’t stop you. It may be derivative but at least it’s not another goddamn remake.




033_69-eyesTRACK #33:

Frankenhooker by The 69 Eyes

If Peter Steele blasted a couple rails, and the rest of Type-O inverted the gloom to tempo ratio, the resulting sound might be akin to Finnish goth n rollers The 69 Eyes.

From their Angels album comes this patented Shindigger, which makes its home on the playlist because I’m just a huge fan of Frankenhooker.

Though referentially speaking, I felt the song was somewhat lacking,  so I kicked up the Frankenhookerness quotient with tons of samples. Enjoy!



Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

014_evening-with-tracy-jordanTRACK #14:

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by Tracy Jordan

Since the song The Wolfman’s Wedding Reception by the Goofy Toons doesn’t actually exist, I figured this was the next best thing to follow such an introduction.

From the always ridiculous brain of 30 Rock’s Tracy Jordan comes this monster novelty throwback spoof, to which Jordan received a Gold Record.

It may be a sweaty premise, but I think it sustains itself just fine.



Motel Hell

007_blitzkid_let-flowers-dieTRACK #7:

Motel Hell by Blitzkid

At #7 comes a band with plenty of representation on the Shindig; perennial monster-rockers Blitzkid. When every album’s track listing reads like a “Gory Horror Movies from the 80’s” category on Netflix, your band is kind of hard to ignore if making a Halloween playlist.

First cut from these guys? Motel Hell, which details the goings-ons of Farmer Vincent (the wonderful Rory Calhoun) as he minces up out-of-town lodgers at his Motel Hello (its neon sign, of course, has a blown out O.) He stores and cultivates these lodgers in a garden out back, like some kind of nightmarish cabbage patch, then uses their bodies to make assorted meat products for the locals, whom all love Farmer Vincent’s treats.

Motel Hell is a great piece of early 80’s horror that’s funny, sometimes startling and always a blast to watch. Any movie where a dude wearing a pig’s head gets into a chainsaw fight with another dude that also has a chainsaw is some must-see shit. In fact, if you haven’t seen Motel Hell, you should,…right now. Seriously, shut off the internet and treat yourself to Motel Hell.



Shockmonster Stomp

Track #6:

Shockmonster Stomp by The Ghastly Ones

Since we’re already stomping, lets stomp some more with a little help from The Ghastly Ones, a monster surf outfit from Van Nuys, California.

I love surf music, but on the whole it doesn’t lend itself terribly well to Halloween, unless you’re talking about The Ghastly Ones that is; oozing as they are with model kit and Shock! Theater imagery. Their drummer Norman Cabrera is even a special FX artist, and they were originally released on Rob Zombie’s Zombie-A-Go-Go label. Now that’s all pretty Halloween if you ask me.

And if that’s not enough, this track in particular amps the Halloweeniness up a couple notches with its harpsichord and theremin sound; all the spookiness to take our Shindig in decidedly ghastly direction. Keep stompin’!