Episode 6: Shindig Showdown!

Shindig Radio is back in 2019!

Matt “The Perfect Meatball” Mastrella returns to cut the ribbon on the inaugural round of Shindig Showdown, Shindig Radio’s new audio-based Horror Trivia Game!

He squares off against Mikey “The Northridge Ripper” Rotella and Graham “The Shaman” Schofield in an all out sample-assault disguised as a game show!

Who will win and will you have the audio endurance to find out?

30 questions. 3 contestants. 1 winner.

Test yourself as Shindig Radio tests them and the its audience’s patience on…

Shindig Showdown!



Episode 5: A Very Shindig Christmas

It’s Christmas on Shindig Radio, and the gang has dug up some Monster Christmas songs for your Yule Tide.

From King Diamond to The Cryptkeeper it’s a Monster’s Holiday with a special excavation of the Silent Night, Deadly Night soundtrack!

So grab a little chicken and gravy, and maybe some antibiotics and join Shindig Radio on the warm side of the door!


Episode 4: Monster Raps Pt. 2

Speakin’ and thinkin’ about the Monster Raps…

Rejoin Graham C. Schofield, Mikey Rotella and Ed Twilley as they delve further than anyone asked into the Shindig sub-category nobody likes: MONSTER RAPS!

Covering the span from 1988 to 2011, they touch on everything from rappin’ peck Warwick Davis to Monster Rap juggernaut Ghostbusters 2 on an odyssey of poor rhymes, questionable beats and rampant commercialism.

But they don’t want to hurt anyone, they just like to have…fun.



Episode 3: Monster Raps Pt.1

In this episode Ed, Mikey and Graham dig deep into the playlist and explore it’s most divisive sub-catergory: MONSTER RAPS!

What are these mysterious curiosities that push the limits of taste and patience?

Are they classic horror-hits, or whack commercial cash-grabs?

Part 1 focuses on 1983 through 1988 covering everything from Whodini’s trendsetting Haunted House of Rock to DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s A Nightmare On My Street.

Just take a left, then take a right and….Shindig Radio!


Episode 1: Don’t You Know What Happens On Halloween Shindig?

It’s the inaugural Episode of Shindig Radio, Halloween Shindig’s official Podcast.

Ed and his guests Graham C. Schofield and Mikey Rotella are supposed to be discussing the Halloween Franchise in preparation for 2018’s new Halloween release, but talk more about sandwich construction, Kill Squad, Bobby Rhodes.

Oh well, that’s bound to happen when 3 excitable horror idiots get to talking.

But hey, cut ’em some slack, this is technically their first attempt!