Super Soundtracks!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we here at Halloween Shindig dig music. Specifically, horror themed Halloween and movie music.

Naturally then, a lot of songs found on The Shindig are from soundtracks, of which we are big fans.

However, sometimes a song or two just isn’t enough. Sometimes a soundtrack is so awesome it deserves a little extra attention.

Enter: Halloween Shindig’s Super Soundtracks, where we give an entire album a deluxe wash and wax then buff it to perfection.

What does that mean exactly? Well,..

Typically you’ll find we’ve taken the tracks and placed them in their chronological order from the film, spliced in samples and bits from the movie itself and added any auxiliary songs from the film that are not featured on the official soundtrack (if there is one.)

Thus, The Shindig provides you with a completely immersive soundtrack experience the likes of which you have never heard!

Stay tuned for more Super Soundtracks throughout the year and enjoy!

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